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Welcome Fellow Teacher of English

Why do EFL teachers use our books?

We keep in touch with many EFL teachers, a good number of them active in English Teachers’ Associations. They teach in state schools, Gymnasiums, many private schools, Volkshochschulen, Berufsschulen etc.

Many of them are native speakers and happy to find that the user-language in our books is an easy-to-understand German. And all the complicated rules and hints are concise and clear. Teachers realise that their students quickly come to grips with many difficulties. Also, the examples make everyday sense and are not overly academic.

This makes teachers confident that their students will understand what the issues are, and they feel free to concentrate on communication practice while being able to ‘outsource’ some of the nitty-gritty language work. Which is very comfortable as all our books come with a convenient separate key included in the package.

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